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♥ Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You know how every school has dentention classes for all the "pai-kias" (naughty kids)?

And yes of course Maris Stella has her own dentention classes, better known as iCan.

And yes, dentention classes in Harry Potter are a billiion times more exciting.

And yes, dentention classes in other schools aren't as retarded and an insult to my charactar as iCan.

To start things off, the moment the teacher comes, the first sentence was, "Apparently there are so many idiots that a classroom can't fit all of you in."

We were labelled idiots. Even for someone like as innocent like me.

Fine then we proceeded to the canteen where we were only allowed to have 4 benches.

Then we got a piece of paper.

And I got a shock of my life.

5 questions were there for us to answer.

And they are all the same, just phrased differently.

1) Why were you here?

2) What could you have done differently?

3) What could you have done to prevent yourself from getting into further trouble?

4) What have you learnt from this situation you are in now?

5) Who can you seek help from to prevent yourself from getting into further trouble?

The questions are not 100% accurate cos I don't have a photographic memory.

Anyway, look at the questions! 3/5 of them are SIMILAR.

And someone asked the teacher about this obviously retarded system.

The answer? 'Yes they are all the same but you must phrase your answers differently."

Oh yeah, what the fuck.

And you know what, they give you like 6-10 spaces for each bloody questions.

And you MUST fill in all 10 spaces and no leaving of line in between.

Ah Great, training for my Creative Writing.

Well, so of course I MUST exercise my creative brain juices.

Yeah, I had one answer that reads "The first person I should seek help is God .... ... ... ..."

Yeah spiritual answers.

And I gave naggy answers too. Like beat around the bush, when I could just cut them and the main points would only take up like 3 spaces?

And the thing that got me the most PISSED OFF. My blood pratically BOILED at it.

They gave you an acknowledgement letter to let your parents sign.

And a part of the letter reads this,

"He has had committed the following offence(s):

1) No tie on Monday, 29/1
2) _________________
3) _________________

Despite receiving more than a verbal warning from his teacher."

What the fuck again! I hate that last line "Despite receiving more than a verbal warning from his teacher." Yah right, a verbal warning, my form teacher didn't bother giving a verbal warning. What sort of lies is this? Nonsense!

Thank YOU, Mr Chia Kok Pin, your 'verbal warning' was indeed totally invisible to my eyes.

Seriously, iCan could be less retarded.

I know I've made a mistake and I don't mind going for iCan but calling me an idiot? Uh-uh, no way.

Besides, hey I heard a Verbal Warning, give me one first before sending me for iCan, ya?

So, PLEASE my teachers, READ the instructions for sending pupils to iCan before you lose control over this fantastic power.

Oh by the way, some reasons were totally hilarious.

"Attempeting to open locked doors."

Oh God, I'm laughing at the lame reasons being listed out by the teacher.

Bullshit + total nonsensical and illogical retardedness = iCan.

"I CAN do for the better!"

Shut up already.

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♥ Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm looking up at the stained sky
so my tears don't well up and fall.
Why can't people live
as they wish
I don't want a weak heart that can't cry
or the strength not to cry.
I'll search for a shooting
star to cast my wishes on, but
dawn is coming too soon
and I won't be able to find one.

There's never a day that I have
to remember you because
I never for a moment forgot you.

Whenever I'm sad I have
a habit of saying I'm ok.
After something stopped
that day, no matter
how much I pray,
I can't see a single star.

I want to see you, I want to see you.
Your smiling face in my memory is
just too kind.

HANABI - Ayumi Hamasaki

This feeling... is so sad, and sounds like a cry, and yet I still feel so much for it, I almost had that feeling, but for what?

On whose account do I walk?

Sometimes I feel inferior, for being a burden to you, that other people are making you feel so happy and high, while I'm the only one who makes you fed up...

Oh well.

The audition for SYF has been shifted from 3rd March to 3rd Februrary!!! Oh my God! It has been a shock but, since things have come to this stage, I'm all ready for it, going to pratice everyday till Saturday to perfectize my parts!

Oh yes, self-confidence is important in such aspects.

... I don't understand why I'm trying so hard to post something happy, when my heart is all down and sad...

Oh well.

Let's end this off

The summer has come again and again since then
But why am I looking back upon the past again
Tracing the footprints?

I remember everything even now
Your voice calling my name, your casual habits
I want to forget, and I don't want to forget

Did I choose the right way?
But I keenly understand there is no answer
Whomever I may ask it to

Please tell me some day that you are happy
And smile

I gently lock the memories away
Leaving them to be beautiful

This feeling, this feeling, go up into the sky
And be dispersed beautifully like a firework

~HANABI episode II~ Ayumi Hamasaki

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♥ Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's a new year... welcome 2007!

Anyway, I had been busy thus my post for the fantastic Band Camp has been delayed... till now!

Last year's Band Camp was really interesting, I felt as though I had to be more initiative and pro-active in order to acheive something there.

Day 1:
I came super early for God knows what reason, so slacked around before I got too bored and decided to fool-trumpet around haha. Then we fell in at 9am, then did drills, had full band, lunch, and I forgot what happened... but there was sectionals at night. Then we had full band again before heading off to watch two clips of two Japanese Bands playing With Heart And Voice. Even though they had an emo conductor, a horny-looking timpani player and a rather, special-looking Euphonium player (from the younger band), they played pretty well, better than us actually, so... we all have to Gambatte (however you spell it) for SYF this year! Then we went off to sleep.

Day 2:
Perhaps the most interesting and the most fun day in the Band Camp! Woke up blah blah, then we went to paint the banners, band, drills, blah blah then at 19 00+, the long awaited SKITS! Haha! It was really interesting to see how the other groups perceive With Heart And Voice as. Like hey it's cool that WHAV can actually be a story about villagers and an alive chicken who's retarded! But anyway, when my group's turn came, it was really, frightening. Cos we had no script, our plot was vague, no directions were given, what we had was a rough idea of the plot, and what we're supposed to do. So we went on stage... and viola! Let the spontaniety in me unleash! Haha, very honored and proud to be MSSBA/F/P's EXCLUSIVE SLUT FLAUTIST! Haha, ya Maris Stella Symphonic Band Angels/Fairies/Pixies, haha yes I know, it is very kawaii. Salsaing throught the skit, with a little jazz and Koda Kumi power there, I managed to well, slut my way through haha and it turned out, our group wasn't so bad after all! Then we proceeded to have games, yeah something like the Amazing Race, find people in stations and answered some theory questions. I remembered a question was thrown at my group, "Which scale has 7 flats?" Man, I knew it was my Db Major which is Concert Cb major... but due to my humbleness that my answer must be wrong, I decided to let someone else guess it... and we got it wrong and like... the answer was CONCERT CB!!! Yeah, curse and fishes. Then we procceeded for a night walk... in the supposedly 'abandoned cemetery'. It was real scary cos like we had to put on blindfolds... like I'd rather see a ghost then to not know where the next step is! Then it was bed time.

Day 3:
This one ended fast, the main point for this day 3 is for POP. Passing Out Parade. Did alot of moving and what have you, but the concert ended up quite well, and with the Alumni Percussion's wonderous rendition of 'Fireworks', or Hanabi as I'd rather call it, defenitely let those parents who think that 'band is useless' eat their words. Anyway, when the awarads were given out, I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get most improved sec2 but, oh well it's not as if I've been good.

And that ends the Band Camp. Hopefully, 2007's will be even better!

Anyway, school started, had the usual crap.

The most interesting thing... who my teachers are, and here they are!

Form Teacher/Physics : Chia Kok Pin
Chemistry : Ms Aida
Higher Chinese : Xing Han
English : Ms Tan Lye Hwa
Geography : PANDA~
Social Studies : Mr Jeremy Wong
Elective Lit : Mr Quayle? (could be Mr Ragu too...)
Maths : Ms Marianne Fortepiano*

*Nah, I was kidding, just that her surname is Png... Png is the sound you WANT when doing a fortepiano.

And I was listening to 'My Happy Ending' by Avril Lavinge, a few lines there that should be thrown at some people.

You got your dumb friends, I know what they say,
They tell you I'm difficult, but so are they,
But they don't know me, do they even know you?

So, please keep this in mind.

=D Bye~

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