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♥ Monday, December 25, 2006

It's Christmas again.

Yesterday was Jesus Christ's birthday. Whee

I got a wallet as a present from my mum.

That's all.

And some SMS-es from friends.


Anyway, I've blogging so rarely these days... Hmm...

Tomorrow is the Band Dinner haha I'm totally looking forward to it.

I'm gonna buy my uniform tomorrow then meet Nicholas (Tan) and Hui Xiong at Toa Payoh MRT station then we'll set off to Plaza Singapura to meet the Double Reeds and Bass Clar section. Haha gonna be a busy day.

By the way.

Who knows who Mimi Tachikawa is?

My idol~

Haha Mimi totally rocks and Palmon is sooooo cute~


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♥ Friday, December 01, 2006

I believe in the goodness of everything. So go ahead and hate me if you want, I still believe that you're good and you'll always be good if you listen to your heart.

And I don't believe in lying and hiding your feelings, thoughts, and opinions of things. Heck, just say what you want! Who are they to stop you? It's plain despicalbe to hide stuff, like what's the point?

Could that be why people hate me so much? Because I speak my mind and never hide what I feel and think? And that disgusts people? Well dare to love and hate I say. No point in hiding my feelings. Like on my deathbed, I know I will regret that I didn't state who I love and who I hate. Like what a pity it will be.

And if I dislike something, of course I'm gonna say it out! You don't expect me to keep quiet about it, did you? Once again, no point in hiding my thoughts and regretting it later. I hate to regret anything. It seriously sucks.

By the way, hurt me if you want if you think what I'm telling is me being arrogant and what have you. But in the end, if me doing that, will wake you up, then all right, hurt me if you want. Cos I believe in the goodness of everything, and I believe no matter what you do, there will always be a trace of goodness in your voice, in your eyes, you are not so bad after all. And you know you are good when you listen to your heart.

And that's purity. That's sincerity.

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